Design When Movie Posters Go Alternative

August 9, 2017by Gorav Ram0
When Movie Posters Go Alternative

Everyone has a favourite movie and often times those movies come with posters. I can remember when I was younger I use to be that person that collect movie posters and I would hang them up in my room even if I didn’t like the movie. Your probably thinking “hmmm… why would he hang the poster if he didn’t like the movie???” Now to some people that would visit me they’d think I was a weirdo, but then I would tell them why I had the posters and my answers would and always will be the design… THE DESIGN! That’s right I didn’t care about the movie at all sometimes but if you had great design I thought it was worth hanging. Bellow you’ll find 20 amazingly reinterpreted posters designed with an alternative style. Enjoy! and make sure you check out each of the designers portfolios.

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